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Cocktail Machine

Dozatorul de cocktail


Dr. Drink

Smart Cocktail Machine

It's been many years since Dr. Drink has been looking for smart bartending solutions, but weight and size were a problem.

The story begins when our esteemed Dr. Drink, a simple salesman at the time, in the gazebo behind the house, on the evening of his daughter's christening party to which a large number of friends and acquaintances were invited. Mr. Drink became a specialist in mixes and began studying bartending books and "prescribing" cocktails for guests. Some of the guests liked the cocktails with coffee liqueur, others were impressed by those with mint liqueur, others were fond of cocktails based on gin and tonic or campari. Recipes come and go!!! ... but the taste!? He also thought of some of the cocktails of the evening already passed when everyone was tired of waiting for the next cocktail to be prepared, everyone wanted the exact same taste for their favorite drink, but they never turned out identical. Thus arose the need for this machine intended for preparing cocktails, which he can use even in his modest caravan when he goes with his family on their long trips to the seaside or to the mountains.

In March, 2022, this much improved Cocktail Machine entered into production with the size of a coffee espresso machine, which weighs only 18.5 kg and can be placed in any location; from festivals and concerts, bars, terraces, to swimming pools parties or restaurants and event halls, even in the pavilion behind the house or in the family caravan, and the precision of dosing and reliability over time are just two of its main advantages.

Dr. Drink

Perfect Cocktail without compromises

The Cocktail Machine was designed so that anyone can mix a perfect cocktail in a few seconds, perfect shots with the "speed of light", but also as a help for professional bartenders in locations with a large flow of customers where it brings extra speed and control, integrating perfectly.
Whether you work in the field, as a specialist and know the secret mixes for every drink, or are just a cocktail enthusiast but have no idea how to make them, the Cocktail Machine from Dr. Drink makes your job easier. With its help, through an easy menu, you can prepare more than 100 recipes already preset in the system or you can add your home specialties yourself. You are one click away from preparing your favorite cocktails or modernizing your business in a unique way. Of course, installation, warranty and maintenance are handled by Dr. Drink.



Why buy a digital automated cocktail machine?


No matter who uses the cockatil machine, the cocktails will always be perfect


150 preset recipes and the possibility to save any custom recipe you want


Much shorter serving time (10 sec/cocktail), more drinks sold, more profit


Automatic permanent monitoring of level in each bottle with ingredients

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