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Cocktail Machine by DrDrink

Imagine that you can mix cocktails with the speed of taking out a coffee or a draft beer. This is possible. The device works with alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juice - without premixes or concentrates. It does not require connection to the water supply or drain, practically it can work wherever you have a 220v. The time to prepare employees for its use is 5 minutes. Solve the problem of lack of staff by having each waiter mix a perfectly cocktail. The ingredients have separate paths for each one and they never intersect, except in the shaker. Which guarantees the quality of the cocktails always the same. It guarantees the constant production cost for each cocktail 1-1,5 euros.


Dr. Drink

Always exactly dosed cocktails, without premix

The Digital Cocktail Machine can serve you alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages, preserving the unique taste of your custom recipes at your location.

You can also choose any of the 150 recipes, carefully chosen by our mixology specialist Dr. Drink and pre-installed in two databases that can be loaded at any time from a USB stick.

Dr. Drink

Music and cocktails, without premix

It can be connected to any wifi network and our technicians will train you or solve on the spot any problem that may arise in any event you host.

The Digital Cocktail Machine with an integrated speaker can play any songs from any android compatible application, simply from the stick, and the internet being an extra attraction for the location where it is placed.

It is a known fact by most entrepreneurs, that cocktails have a high margin of profitability but a lot of TIME and RAW MATERIALS are lost in the preparation. The latter will no longer be an issue. You get more profit whether you already have cocktails on the menu or just wish to increase the range of products sold.

Why buy a digital cocktail machine?


No matter who uses the cockatil machine, the cocktails will always be perfect


150 preset recipes and the possibility to save any custom recipe you want


Much shorter serving time (10 sec/cocktail), more drinks sold, more profit


Thanks to unic design, it make wonders at events with over 300 guests, its payback being done in 5-6 parties

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