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Bartenders party

The moments that call for a party call also for a professional bartender, but what happens when the bartender wants to party? Well, Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine is on the scene…

The Digital Dispenser from Dr Drink is the engine of the party and together with the music dictates the pulse of the event while the bartenders can have a great time without being concerned about who will prepare the perfect cocktails with a unique taste.

Organizing a spectacular event or an unforgettable party involves a lot of work, planning, stress and time for bartenders, especially since they are the ones who usually maintain the atmosphere with original cocktails. Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine means relaxation for bartenders, an easy-to-understand menu, over 100 pre-set recipes, drink customization, impeccable service, speed and a great atmosphere. Bartenders have fun while the Cocktail Machine prepares the best cocktails.


Cocktails are the centerpiece of any bartending party and can also be a fun and exciting way to impress your friends. And nothing is worse than organizing an event with bartenders serving weak drinks or having to handle cocktails. So how do you make sure your bartender party is a success?

Well…with Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine, a smart solution for bartending designed so that anyone can mix a perfect cocktail in seconds, perfect shots at the „speed of light”, with an easy-to-understand menu, you can prepare over 100 recipes already preset in the system or you can add your house specialties by yourself, integrating perfectly with the party you want to organize. With the DIY setting, cocktails with a perfect taste can be created in just a few seconds, perfectly integrating into the bartenders’ party.

And bartenders need a professional Cocktail Machine just like food needs a chef and flowers a florist.


Here are some good reasons to have the Automatic Cocktail Machine at your bartenders party

  • Cocktails can be created at any time by accessing the DIY „Do it yourself” setting
  • The man who serves you the best cocktails becomes the man who is served with Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine
  • The preparation time of a cocktail is a maximum of 10 seconds so that no guest has to wait to enjoy a perfect cocktail
  • With a small size (36 centimeters wide and 42 centimeters deep), similar to a coffee machine and equipped in the upper part, where the drink bottles are placed, with a white LED designed to attract the attention of any guest fits perfectly at any party
  • Get rid of unnecessary discussions about who should prepare the cocktails. You don’t disturb the bartenders, instead everyone can enjoy a perfect cocktail.
  • You’re relaxing, having fun, and you’re the party guest, not the person making the cocktails
  • It can be bought or rented
  • You just have to purchase the automatic cocktail machine, because Dr Drink takes care of installation and maintenance

Bartending parties should be about relaxation and fun, a time to leave the drinks to the Dr Drink Cocktail Maker and hang out with your loved ones.

So the Automatic Cocktail Machine from Dr Drink is a must have for the most important moments in the life of bartenders and for a successful party, we invite you to enjoy the bartenders’ party to the fullest while the Cocktail Machine from Dr Drink takes care of it. Cheers!