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Choose the "Luxury" package from Dr. Drink for your event

The wedding is one of the most important events in our lives, a moment when two souls unite their destinies in a magical setting, surrounded by family and friends. It is the day when every detail matters and every moment is cherished. In this context, Dr. Drink Events brings to the forefront the “Luxury” package, designed to transform every wedding into a unique and memorable experience that guests will talk about for years.

The “Luxury” package from Dr. Drink Events is the perfect choice for those who want to offer their guests a diversified and high-quality experience. This offer integrates, in a cohesive decor, a cocktail bar with refined drinks, a refreshing lemonade bar, a specially arranged kids’ corner for the little ones’ entertainment, an ice cream bar with flavors loved by all, an exclusive cigar bar and a photo booth for capturing memorable moments.

Each element of the “Luxury” offer is thoughtfully designed to harmoniously complete the atmosphere of the event, from adult elegance to pure childhood joy, ensuring that every guest, regardless of age, will have a memorable experience.

The Dr. Drink Cocktail Dispenser: Cocktails and fun for everyone

The Dr. Drink Cocktail Dispenser is a true artist of taste, specializing in fast and efficient mixology. This remarkable device not only prepares perfect cocktails in seconds but also comes with an impressive library of over 100 preset recipes, from the classic Mojito to the sophisticated Cosmopolitan. Furthermore, the dispenser offers the freedom to record and create personalized recipes, so that each cocktail served is a unique expression for your guests.

Additionally, it does not require a water connection and can operate anywhere there is access to a 220v socket. Whether your event is taking place in a medieval castle or on a beach, our dispenser is ready to accompany you, ensuring that your guests are always surprised and delighted by an unforgettable experience.

Lemonade Bar

To add a note of freshness, our lemonade bar allows you to offer your guests refreshing drinks, perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. It includes a wide range of lemonades made from freshly squeezed fruits, without any preservatives. Ideal for warm summer days or to complement the drink menu at your event, our lemonades are always a revitalizing choice.

Kids Corner: A paradise of fun for the little ones

To allow parents to enjoy the event without any worries, Dr. Drink Events has created a special space dedicated to entertaining the little ones: Kids Corner. In partnership with the fun experts from Trilulici Club, we offer a safe area filled with captivating activities for children.

Kids Corner is equipped with a variety of interactive games, from creative workshops to fairy godmothers, and animators, all designed to stimulate creativity and keep energy levels high.

Ice Cream Bar

No party is complete without something sweet, and our ice cream bar will certainly be the highlight of the evening. Flavors loved by all, from the most classic to bold innovations, are ready to delight the taste buds of all your guests.

Cigar Bar: A touch of exclusivity

For a note of exclusivity, the cigar bar offers an impressive selection of fine cigars, ideal for enjoying in a relaxing setting with a quality glass of whiskey. It is the perfect moment to create connections and enjoy meaningful conversations.

Priceless memories with the Photo Booth/Mirror

And because every moment deserves to be captured, the photo booth is ready to immortalize smiles and joy, turning them into memories that will be cherished forever. Your guests will enjoy the fun of posing in various stances, with access to thematic accessories and creative backgrounds.

With the “Luxury” package from Dr. Drink Events, we guarantee not only quality and diversity but also special attention to detail that will make your wedding a cherished memory for every guest. Visit us at and turn your dream into reality with Dr. Drink Events, where every event is an unforgettable story.