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Click & Enjoy with the Cocktail Machine

Meet your new professional bartender

  • mix a perfect cocktail in seconds
  • make perfect shots with the “speed of light”
  • it is an excellent help for professional bartenders in locations with a large flow of customers where it brings extra speed and control
  • cocktails that taste the same no matter who is “operating” the machine
  • management control, nothing is lost, everything turns into delicious drinks

The best bar needs the DrDrink Cocktail Machine

Drinks made to perfection through the automatic process with the Cocktail Dispenser.

With over 150 preset recipes and unlimited options to add new drinks, you’ll never be left at a loss when the endless line of customers is waiting for the most unique cocktail or when you’re planning to throw the coolest party. And yes, no party is complete without the Cocktail Machine.

The Cocktail Dispenser was designed so that anyone can mix a perfect cocktail in seconds. Placed in plain view, the Cocktail Machine with its stainless steel casing and the white light bulb strategically placed between the drinks bottles, immediately catches everyone’s eye.

It can serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails; predefined recipes such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise, Zombie, Hurricane, Campari Orange, Rum Sunset, Negroni, etc.,keeping the unique taste of the personalized recipes chosen by you, perfectly mixed in 5-10 seconds.

It can be connected to any WIFI network, having an integrated music box, with the Cocktail Machine you can play any songs from any android-compatible applications, thus being an extra attraction for the location where it is placed.