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Cocktail Machine MIXMASTER

User Manual 2023


Always exactly dosed cocktails, without premix

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive menu, our cocktail machines Mixmaster allow the exact dosing of ingredients and have a vast library of classic and contemporary recipes. Also, built with premium materials, they ensure durability over time and efficient sanitation, being at the same time compact, the size of a coffee maker, guaranteeing easy integration in any space. The latest technology in cocktail dispensers is to release the liquid from the bottle below the action of air pressure, which is different from the classic automatic bartending technology, which uses a pump to draw the liquid from the bottles. We applied this pump technology that blows air into the bottle, the bottle releasing liquid, and we created a unique series of digital cocktail machines. All parts have a much higher lifetime ≥ 50,000 uses due to the fact that the liquid does not come into contact with the vanes of the pumping system or the valves of the pumps. Each pump works independently, so if one of the 13 fails the operation of the entire system is not interrupted.

Table of contents

1. Introduction of MIXMASTER Cocktail Machine

1.1 Structure introduction

This cocktail machine adopts the inverted structure of the raw material bottle of liquid. There are 10 inverted glass bottle positions on the upper part, and 3 inverted bottle positions on the right side.

7 inch touch screen

10 inverted positions for glass bottles

Touch for safety

3 positions, can insert plastic and glass bottles

Cup stand

Device shell


Fig3 Fill the bottle with
Fig3-1 External 5-liter juice



External plug-in interface


Cleaning Port


Bottle position


1.2: Assembling the bottle head and using the bottle head

Putting a bottle with ingredients upside down on the cocktail machine is a classic for cocktail machine mixing method, which has many advantages. The bottle head is very important. This cocktail machine is equipped with four kinds of bottle heads, one is the glass cap of glass bottle liquid, which can accommodate most glass bottles on the market; The other is a plastic bottle head for plastic bottled drinks, which can be applied to some plastic bottled drinks; The third is the stainless steel bottle head for Coca Cola and Sprite; The fourth is the special head for soda water bottle.See the figure below.

Figures 3 and 4 show the assembled glass bottle head and beverage bottle head.

Tip 1:

Glass bottle head: applicable to most glass liquid bottles on the market.

Type 2:

Plastic bottle head: Applicable plastic beverage bottles on the market. Round plastic bottles should be used instead of square plastic bottle.

Figures 5 and 6 are the disassembled bottle heads. It can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Fig5. Glass bottle head
Fig6. Plastic bottle head
Fig7. Bottle head core
Fig8. Silicone cap for bottle hea

1.3: Tips for bottle head assembly

The mouth of the bottle must be adapted to the bottle head in order to seal. For an unfamiliar liquid bottle, you can try to insert the bottle head core into the bottle mouth first. It should be able to fit in place and the tightness is appropriate, as shown in Fig9; if it feels too tight and cannot be inserted in place, use scissors to cut it off. A silicone ring in the bottle head core, see Fig10, becomes a second ring bottle head, see Fig11.

Fig9 The bottle head is sealed in place
Fig. 10 Cut off a ring if no sealed
Fig. 11 Two-ring bottle head core

Before inserting the liquid bottle, gently press the silicone bottle head cap, as shown in Fig12, so that the silicone cap covers the tube head to prevent the liquid from flowing out when the liquid bottle is turned upside down; insert it on the liquid bottle , insert it in place with a little force, and you can observe whether it is inserted in place next to it. Install a qualified bottle head, and it is leak-proof when it is inverted. Then, when inserting it into the cocktail machine, align it with the center of the upper bottle holder, insert it vertically on the bottle holder, insert it upside down with a little force, hold the bottle head in hand, and rotate 90 degrees clockwise, so you can lock the liquid bottle, see Fig14 and Fig15.

1.4: 13 bottle positions

There are 10 inverted bottle positions on the upper part of the cocktail machine, glass bottles can be inserted, plastic bottles are not suitable, and there are 3 inverted bottle positions on the right side, which can be used for liquid bottles and plastic bottles, especially for bottled beverages containing gas , such as: cola, sprite, juice, etc., see Fig18. Each bottle position is numbered as shown in Fig19.

Fig20. 13 bottle positions
Fig21. Each bottle position is numbered

1.5: Multi usage of bottle positions 11, 12, and 13 of this cocktail machine

There are two bottle positions 11, 12, and 13 on this ; First, you can insert a glass bottle, as shown in Figure 22; The second usage can be hung with large capacity juice and beverage barrels; See Figure 23: The following describes how to operate: External juice and beverage buckets are purchased by users themselves, and cannot be uniformly configured. Requirements for juice and beverage barrels: Containers with a capacity of 5 to 10 liters have good sealing performance at the bottle mouth, and the barrel wall cannot be too thin. A set of installation accessories is provided with the cocktail machine, as shown in Figure 23.

Fig. 22 Two tipe right bottle position
Fig 23 Insert glass or plastic bottle
Fig 24 External large capacity juice

Special Head

Sealing rings

Safety rings


Plastic tube

Silicone covers

Fig26 Kit installation accessories

1.5.1 Installation Steps for External Large Capacity Drink Bucket

1.Cover center opening
2.Installation bucket
3.The sealing ring and snap ring.
4.Tap the snap ring with a sleeve to press and seal.

1.5.2 The 11,12 and 13 bottle positions and external ports are equipped with special stoppers. The switching between bottle insertion and external storage is achieved through a dedicated stopper, as shown in the following figure:

Inserting beverage bottles:

External Plug

11, 12, 13

Cover access 1

Unplug the "external hole stopper" and insert the "bottle holder stopper".

1.5.3: Precautions for using large capacity juice barrels:

a .When using large capacity fruit juice bottles, sealing is of primary importance. If the seal is not good and there is air leakage, it will not work. Therefore, attention should be paid to the sealing of large capacity barrels, barrel covers, and cannulas. b. After the installation is completed, it is necessary to mix in the main menu "Single Drink" on the touch screen. The first one or two times may not have any juice coming out. To continue mixing with "Single Drink", usually 2-3 times before the juice comes out. If the liquid cannot be discharged, it indicates poor sealing, which should be inspected and eliminated.

2. Technical parameters of Mixmaster cocktail machine

1)Dimensions; l 428 mm, w 365 mm, h 535 mm
2) W: 20kg
3)Voltage; AC100-250V 50/60Hz
4)Power consumption; < 50W.
5)Display; 7-inch LCD screen, 16:10, resolution 1024RGB*600
6)Capacitive five-point touch screen.
7)Bartending function;
-there are 13 bottle positions, adjustable cocktails.
Support the access of the same raw material to multiple bottles, automatic switching:
DIY, create your own cocktail recipes.
8) Network; WIFI+Bluetooth
9) Built-in fingerprint identification: use fingerprint identification, password management
10) Detection of the remaining amount of ingredientes; using software to detect
11)Multi-language; Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, German, and other languages.
12)Sales statictics; daily, ten-day, monthly, annual statistics of operating income.
13) Ambient temperature for use: 2-40° C.

3. Innovative technology of Mixmaster cocktail machine:

Introduction of air pressure liquid technology

This cocktail machine adopts the latest technology of air pressure production, which is different from the traditional devices mixing technology that uses a pump to suck out drinks.

Air pressure pump has several advantages; the biggest advantage is hygiene: The cocktail preparation machine manufactured by this technology, the liquid is not sucked out by the pump and valve, the ingredientes is not in contact with the pump and the valve, there is no pollution caused by the diaphragm of the pump and the valve and the residual liquid in the valve cavity, which is the most hygienic of bartender technology. Fig28 and Fig29 are the structure of the traditional pump and valve, the red arrow points to the diaphragm and cavity;

Fig28. The diaphragm of the pump
Fig29. Cavity and Diaphragm

The second biggest advantage of air pump liquid; The bartender made with air pressure pump liquid technology has fast mixing speed; fast and slow bartending speed is an important indicator to measure the performance of this cocktail machine, giving users a pleasant experience. The mixing speed of Mixmaster series 6th generation cocktail machine, it only takes about 10 seconds to mix a 150ml cocktail composed of three different ingredients.

4. Mixmaster settings

4.1 Setting of new machine

When the new cocktail machine is powered on, you can see the formula on the display screen. When the cocktail machine leaves the factory, there are more than 100 cocktail formulas. This is the formula combination recommended by Dr. Drink , as shown in the figure below. This is a quick way for users to obtain recipes.

Considering that the user is the first time to contact the cocktail machine and will not set it, and that the cocktail machine has its own rules for setting the formula, the novice does not know where to start, and is puzzled by setting the formula, so a set of formula combinations are preset at the factory for your convenience. When you become familiar with it, you can change the formula and set it yourself.

Fig30. Start the new machine

When the new cocktail machine starts up, the interface will have the cocktail formula. There is no price, so you have to set the price yourself.
The following is an introduction to the setting sequence after the new cocktail machine is turned on;
The first step: Set up administrator
This cocktail machine uses fingerprint identification / card offline acces and password for settings and other settings.
No fingerprint and password are set when the cocktail machine leaves the factory, so you should first set the "administrator".
The startup interface of the new cocktail machine is shown in Figure 30.

First, set the administrator: click "Staff settings" in Figure 32 to enter Figure 33, enter the name, enter the 6-digit password, enter the fingerprint (it needs to be entered six times to take effect), and then click "Confirm" to complete the super administrator setting.

Fig32 – New device
Fig33 Set administrator

Step 2: Set up administrators and waiters: In Figure 34, click "Staf seting", and then click "Add" in the upper right corner. Administrators and servers can be set. The setting method is the same as setting the administrator.

Step 3: Sort out the formula and set the price: First, click "bottle" in the main menu to pop up the interface in Figure 35: you can see the recommended combination of drinks and beverages, and you can see whether it is the combination of drinks and raw materials you need or like. It is recommended that you default to these beverage combinations, get familiar with the use of the cocktail machine, and modify or reset the new beverage ingredients after you learn to use them.

Fig35. 13 bottle positions display wine number, name and portion

There are three sets of recommended formula combinations in the USB flash disk equipped with the device. Use "backup recovery" to change the recommended formula combinations. The recommended formula has no price, so you have to set it yourself; Pictures can be replaced; The formula can be deleted; You can change the name and drinks.
Set the price in Figure 28. Click "Formula setting" to enter, find the price, modify it according to the prompt, and then confirm.
After the price setting is completed, you only need to purchase the 13 kinds of liquid and beverages as shown in Figure 29. According to the numbering sequence, the bottle cap is opened, the bottle head is loaded, and the liquid bottle is inserted upside down on the cocktail machine by matching the number. You can use it normally to make delicious cocktails. This completes the setup of the new cocktail machine.

4.2: Introduction to setting menu

See Figure 30 for the setting menu of Mixmaster cocktail machine; Scroll down to see all menus.

Fig36. Setup Menu

4.2.1 Personnel management:

Personnel management is to set administrators and servers. Click "Add" in the upper right corner after entering. The setting method is the same as setting the administrator.

4.2.2 "Raw Material Settings"

The raw material setting interface is shown in Figure 37, 13 frames can be seen. The raw material setting is to set the beverage to be used in the cocktail machine so that the cocktail machine can recognize it.

Fig37. Raw material setting interface

In the interface shown in Figure 37, click a bottle position to pop up the setting box, as shown in Figure 38. Follow the prompts.

Fig38. Raw material setting box

In the interface shown in Figure 38, the yellow arrow refers to the setting of gas-containing beverage, which is only available in the positions 11, 12 and 13。Function: Click to open, and the bottle position should be connected with Coca-Cola, Sprite and other gas-containing drinks; The bottle position can be connected to normal drinks.

Raw material setting rules:

①. All base liquids can only use the name of the major category, not the name of the brand,because there are too many brands of base liquid, there are thousands of brands of light whisky, and the cocktail machine is roughly matched. Only recognize the category of alcohol, „whiskey” is a category.

For example:  

Scotch whisky, can only use „whiskey”;

Canadian gin can only use „gin”;

Red card vodka can only use „vodka”

Mexican tequila can only be used „tequila”

Captain Rum Use only „Rum”

French brandy can only use „brandy”

  Maotai, Luzhou Laojiao, Wuliangye, etc.

② Liqueur should be represented by „liqueur”, not liqueur, and the unified name is convenient cocktail machine identification matches.

Liqueur as long as the name of the liquid is not the brand name; for example: Boss Blue Orange Liqueur, only write „Blue orange liqueur”;

③ Juices, syrups, beverages, etc., can only use the names of major categories, not the names of labels or brands.


Imported orange juice only use „orange juice”

Bidley Pomegranate Molasses use “Pomegranate Molasses” only.

④. If it is a beverage containing gas, click to turn on „containing gas” during the setting. Don’t miss this point, you can’t use gas drinks without opening it.

4.2.3: Bottle setting

The bottle position setting is to set the beverage raw materials corresponding to the 13 bottle positions of the cocktail machine. The interface of bottle position setting seems to be similar to „raw material setting”, with 13 icons,but different;

① The icon number of the raw material setting does not represent the bottle position, but the sequence number; The number set for the bottle position is the corresponding bottle position number.

② The raw material setting can be less than 13 kinds of raw materials; Bottle position setting: several bottle positions can be set for one beverage: for example, the bottle positions 11, 12 and 13 can be set as Orange Juice . This cocktail machine supports the access of a beverage to multiple bottles. The cocktail machine will automatically identify and switch the bottle position. When one bottle is used up, the other bottle will be used automatically.

As mentioned earlier, the top 10 bottles are inserted with glass bottles, and the right 3 bottles are inserted with plastic bottles.

4.2.4 Recipe setting

The recipe setting interface is shown in Figure 39. Click "Add" in the lower right corner to enter Figure 40;

Fig39. Recipe setting interface
Fig40. Recipe setting interface

To set the formula, first insert the USB flash disk provided with the cocktail machine, and then operate according to the prompt sequence Set the drink name, drink image, price, formula composition and other settings for the second time. After setting, click "Confirm" and the formula will take effect; When setting the drink image, you can find the image similar to the recipe appearance in the USB flash disk, and you can also make your own image, with the resolution of 600X600, and save it in the USB flash disk for selection.
The gas-containing beverage Coca-Cola or Sprite is different from the ordinary beverage. The ordinary beverage is measured by the number of milliliters, and the portion size can be set by the plus and minus signs.
For the convenience of first-time users, we have prepared several sets of formulas for you to choose and saved in the USB flash disk. Select "Backup and Restore" in the setting menu can be found, You can also modify it.

4.2.5 Currency setting

- multi-country currency can be selected.

4.2.6 Backup and recovery

- "backup" is to back up the current settings of the cocktail machine in the USB flash disk; "Recovery" is to reinstall the data backed up in the USB flash disk into the cocktail machine. After setting up one cocktail machine, you can use backup to install other cocktail machines to achieve the same purpose of setting up multiple cocktail machines.

4.2.7 Advertising

You can add pictures or video advertisements. The advertisements will be displayed on the main interface of the cocktail machine, after 60 seconds without operation, the advertisement will pop up automatically. Click the advertisement to enter the main interface. The advertising video should be MP4 format, picture resolution, 1240X600.

4.2.8 Query

You can query the sales volume, raw materials, waiters, drinks, and liquid storage.

4.2.9 Upgrade

install the new software APP on the USB flash drive and plug it into the USB flash drive to complete the upgrade.

4.2.10 Other settings

see Figure 41.for the interface

Fig41. Other settings interface

"All Valves" can open all valves when the cocktail machine leaves the factory or when it is out of service for a long time to avoid deformation of the valve body under pressure for a long time. The valve automatically closes when the cocktail machine is turned back on.

When "Direct Bartending" is turned on, fingerprint recognition and password bartending are turned off. you can bartend directly without payment and fingerprint recognition. When closed, you need fingerprint identification and password or scan code to pay for bartending.

"Single drink" setting: Single drink means that as long as a certain liquid, not a cocktail, for example, a glass of whiskey, is a single drink. Click to open a single drink, and set the amount and price. Once set, the single drink of all 13 ingredients will have the same amount and price.

"DIY" setup; DIY is where guests create their own cocktails on the cocktail machine. To set the method, click to open DIY, and set the quantity and price. The DIY weight is the total weight of the recipe, which can be a recipe composed of many different liquides, and the price is fixed.

When the "touch mixing" switch is turned on, it is necessary to touch the touch switch of the cup table before the cocktail machine can produce liquid. It can be used to cooperate with the mechanical arm. The mechanical arm touches this switch with its paw holding the cup, and the cocktail machine will immediately mix liquid, which will be completed in a few seconds; When mixing liquid manually, turn on this function to effectively prevent the embarrassment caused by forgetting to put the liquid cup. Turn off this function, click Start Blending on the touch screen, and the cocktail machine will start mixing immediately.
The main interface after completing the setting is shown in Fig32

5. Use Mixmaster to prepare drinks

5.1 Introduction to the main interface

Fig42. Main interface

Language switch: can switch multiple languages; see Fig43.

Settings icon: to enter the settings interface.

Order icon: The paid wine can be found here with the password,

Shopping cart icon: The shopping cart that has not been paid will disappear after shutdown and restart.

Order icon: The shopping cart that has completed the payment is always displayed and can be converted into liquid storage.

Fig43. See Video 4 for multiple languages

5.2: Bartending operation

In Figure 42 of the main menu, select the formula and click the formula icon to enter the interface shown in Figure 44.

Fig44 .Prepare the bartending interface

Click "Prepare" to enter the payment mixing interface in Figure 45, put the cup in, complete payment or fingerprint identification or password machine to start mixing drinks.

Fig45. Payment bartending interface
Fig46. mixing interface - direct mixing interface

5.3 DIY

The definition of diy is that guests can set the formula independently on the touch screen and can mix any ingredientes. The portion and price of diy are set in "Other Settings" in advance. The price and portion are fixed and cannot be set or changed by guests. And all diy's formulas, portions and prices are the same.
Set the diy formula: When adding drinks, the first drink will automatically display the set portion. If the diy set in "Other Settings" is 70 ml, 70 ml will be displayed.

5.4 Alcohol-free cocktails

Non-alcoholic cocktails do not need special settings. Only if there is no alcohol content in the formula, the formula will be automatically displayed in the "Non-alcoholic cocktails" or mocktails column of the main menu.
In "Other Settings", turn on "Direct Mixing" to enter the mode of making drinks without control.

5.5 MDB protocol interface configuration

The MDB protocol, also known as the ICP protocol, was version 3 released on March 26, 2003. It is formulated by the relevant members of the National Automatic Machinery Sales Association (NAMA) and the European Vending Machine Association (EVA). The machine can be equipped with MDB protocol interface configuration, which can be adapted to automatic payment systems in various countries. It can be equipped with automatic payment systems such as credit cards and coins in various countries.

5.6 Change the bottle

When the bottle is empty, a prompt will pop up and you and cannot mix. You can only continue to mix after you replace bottle and complete the "recovery" operation;
The first step; first change the bottle, remove the empty bottle that is used up, and replace it with a new one.

Step 2: On the main interface, click the main menu "Bottle", and the interface shown in Figure 42 will pop up. Long press the bottle number icon of the bottle to be replaced, and the two options of "Recovery" and "Cleaning" will pop up, as shown in Figure 43. Select the "Recovery" option. Fingerprint identification or password can restore the remaining amount of the bottle to the set state, complete the bottle replacement, and the machine can continue to work.

5.7 Weight compensation

This cocktail machine has a weight compensation function. The meaning of portion compensation is that when users discover that the portion of a certain bottle is inaccurate and has a significant error during use, they can make their own portion compensation on the touch screen. Weight compensation only compensates for the bottle positions that need to be compensated, and sets corresponding bottle position compensation for several bottle positions that need to be compensated. Bottle positions that are not set will not be compensated.

Fig47. bottle interface

The necessity of weight compensation: There are multiple reasons for the inaccurate weight of the cocktail machine when producing alcohol. The weight of this cocktail machine is calibrated with water before leaving the factory, and how users use concentrated syrup and fruit juice can lead to significant errors in cocktails production. So, weight compensation is necessary.

The weight compensation needs to be completed in two steps, first set on the touch screen and then tested:

Step 1: Weight compensation setting:
Setting path: Main interface setting menu, raw material setting compensation coefficient. Taking compensating for bottle position 1 as an example, introduce the method. See the figure below.

Fig 48. Weight compensation interface

Click on the number to pop up the compensation coefficient, which can be selected by swiping up and down. Click to select the coefficient, as shown in Figure 49.

Fig 49. compensation coefficient

Step 2: Mix test
Insert the beverage, syrup, or juice to be used in position 1, and mix it in the "single drink". Assuming the single drink setting is 50 milliliters, observe whether the liquid is 50 milliliters and test it several times. If it is not accurate, repeat the first step again. Adjust the compensation factor on the touch screen, and then repeat the test multiple times until the test result is satisfactory.

6. Cleaning of Mixmaster1 cocktail machine

6.1 Clean the appearance of the cocktail machine

It is randomly equipped with a stainless steel protective, which can be regularly wiped and maintained for the stainless steel surface.
Daily cleaning and cleaning is a daily task.

6.2. Pipeline cleaning

Pipeline cleaning is to clean the inside of each pipeline. The air pressure liquid technology is used in the structure of the cocktail machine. There is only one straight pipe in the pipeline that the liquid passes through, so the management cleaning is easy to wash clean. Clean when:

6.2.1: When changing the liquid at a certain bottle position, the management should be cleaned to prevent the smell.

6.2.2: If it is not used for a long time, every pipeline should be cleaned when it is stopped.

6.2.3: If the cocktail machine will not be used for a long time, the pipeline should be cleaned before use.

6.2.4: For relatively viscous raw materials such as syrup; and raw materials that are easily deteriorated, such as raw materials containing milk; and raw materials such as fresh fruit juice, the pipeline should be cleaned every day.

6.3. Pipeline cleaning method

Pipeline cleaning, taking the cleaning of pipeline 4 as an example, introduce the cleaning method:
Step 1: First, use a clean bottle, fill it with 120-150 milliliters of water. Be careful not to exceed 150 milliliters. The cleaning ports 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 are located on the left side of the cocktail machine, and the cleaning ports 3, 4, 7, 9, and 10 are located on the right side of the cocktail machine. The cleaning method is shown in the following figure, and the cleaning method is shown in video 22.

Fig 50 Insert a bottle in position 4
Fig 51 Clean with 120 ml of water
Fig54: Cleaning interface
Fig52 Insert the cleaning tube into the cleaning port no 4
Fig53 Start cleaning touch

Step 2, place the water cup on the cup stand to prepare for the cleaning water;
Step 3: Long press the No. 4 bottle icon on the screen, and the interface as shown in Fig54 will pop up. There are two options of "Recovery" and "Cleaning". Click Clean, and the fingerprint recognition or password input interface will pop up. Confirm with your fingerprint, and the cocktail machine will start cleaning. In about 15 seconds, the cleaning of the No. 4 pipeline is completed.

To clean other pipelines, follow this method.
Cleaning Note: The water in the cleaning bottle should not be too much, not more than 150 ml. The cleaning procedure is 200ml. When the 150ml pure water pump is finished, the pump is still working, and the water in the pipeline is also discharged to achieve the effect of no residual water in the pipeline. If the cleaning water is more than 200ml, the pipeline will be filled with water after cleaning, and this water will enter the next cup of prepared drink. This should be avoided.

7. Shopping cart and liquid storage

There are shopping cart icons on the main interface and the bartending preparation interface. Click the shopping cart icon, and the selected drink will enter the shopping cart. The shopping cart icon is shown in Fig55;

The shopping cart is not paid; it can be temporarily stored, and it will disappear after the shutdown. The completed shopping cart becomes an order, and the order will not disappear. Orders can be directly mixed with liquid, and orders can be stored with passwords. The next time you make a purchase, click the order icon in the upper right corner to query and make purchases.

Fig55. Shopping Cart Icon

8: Precautions for use

8.1. Correctly choose the bottle head, glass bottle bottle head and plastic bottle bottle head can not be used wrongly.

8.2. The raw materials used by the cocktail machine, liqueur or syrup, should not be too viscous. The syrup should be diluted before use. Baileys liqueur should be used with caution.

8.3. The bottle head is inserted into the bottle mouth, and it must be inserted in place.

If it is too tight, a ring can be cut off. See Fig10; if the bottle head is too loose, it will leak and cannot be used, and corresponding measures must be taken. It can be changed to a suitable bottle head or a sealing O-ring can be added to the silicone sealing ring of the bottle head. Usually plastic beverage bottles should not be inserted in the upper bottle position, but should be inserted in the 3 special bottle positions on the right side. If a plastic bottle must be inserted in the upper part, a plastic bottle with a thicker plastic bottle wall should be used. Too soft plastic bottle cannot be inserted in the upper bottle position, which will lead to inaccurate weight.

8.4 If it is found that there is leakage in the bottle position

See Fig57. You can use the randomly equipped sealing ring as shown in Fig58. Install it on the bottle head, as shown by the red arrow in Fig59, and then insert it into the bottle position to eliminate the leakage. leak. The yellow rubber ring pointed by the yellow arrow in Fig57 means that when the liquid from bottle is relatively small, installing it can make the liquid bottle more stable.

Fig57. Leakage
Fig58 .Ring silicone
Fig59. Seal installation

8.5. The best taste temperature for cocktails

- is 3-10 degrees
You can add ice cubes when mixing liquid, or you can put the liquid bottle in the refrigerator to refrigerate, take it out and insert it into the cocktail machine to mix liquid, and it can still keep the low temperature for 5-6 hours. The bottle head structure of this cocktail machine is very convenient to insert and remove liquid bottles. It is suggested that when bars and restaurants are closed every day, remove the liquid bottle and put it in the refrigerator, and when it is open the next day, take it out and insert it into the cocktail machine for mixing.

8.6 Precautions for the use of raw materials containing gas

8.7: Gaseous beverages refer to Coca-Cola, Sprite, soda, etc. Bottles 11, 12 and 13 of this cocktail machine are suitable for inserting gas-containing drinks in plastic bottles, but not in other bottle positions.

8.8: Professional stainless steel bottle head shall be used for aerated drinks.

8.9: To insert the aerated beverage into the cocktail machine, set it on the touch screen, see the video. 9.6.4: The experiment tells us that the pressure difference of bottled gas drinks on the market is not big. As long as we prepare the bottle head before operation, once the bottle cap is opened, insert the bottle head as soon as possible to prevent the gas from escaping.

8.10: The pressure of homemade soda water and soda water on the market should be lower, and they should not be used as aerated drinks, but as ordinary drinks.

Despite these troubles, the method of brewing by air pressure adopted by this cocktail machine is the most suitable for beverages containing air pressure. Therefore, the technology for preparing gas-containing beverage cocktails locally is the best technology.

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