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DrDrink Cocktail Dispenser vs Bartenders


Still looking for someone to fill in for the bartender while he’s on vacation? Have you thought about making cocktails yourself because you can’t find someone suitable for the perfect cocktail and unique taste at the same time? Dr Drink’s Automatic Cocktail Machine is the answer you’re looking for.

The same unique taste, the same speed and precision, with the Cocktail Machine from Dr Drink the bartender can go on vacation peacefully and you can ensure that you offer your guests a perfect cocktail in a few seconds.

Delicious cocktails are some of the most requested drinks by your customers, but mixing them can be a chore, especially for error-prone beginners or when your bartender wants to go on vacation. Sure, you can train more of your staff to learn cocktail recipes and techniques, but memorizing dozens of recipes while preserving the authentic taste of each requires a rare set of skills, and sometimes the professional bartender you rely on goes on vacation while you remain with the customers waiting for the perfect cocktail.

Cocktail Machine vs Bartender


  • Cost – According to a study by Glasdoor, a bartender earns on average 4300 RON per month. For the owner, there are additional costs of employment, training costs, paying taxes, accounting, etc.
  • Quick payback time. Considering that an experienced bartender can be paid similar to a manager, Dr Drink’s Automatic Cocktail Machine operated by current bar staff can pay for itself in months, even weeks.
  • The bartender may want a vacation from time to time, or may be absent for other unforeseen reasons. With the Automatic Cocktail Machine from Dr Drink you will have no complaints about the need to cover consecutive shifts, day and night, while installation and maintenance is handled by Dr Drink
  • Bartenders can’t serve 24/24 but they can set custom Cocktails and anyone will be able to serve the same unique taste with Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine


  • Preset cocktail recipes and precise dosing keep the taste perfect – and costs under control.
  • Because it has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use menu, there is no need for much preparation, which means that any staff can serve perfect cocktails with the same original taste.
  • Cocktails served in just 10 seconds increases profitability and reduce customer waiting time
  • With 100 recipes already preset in the system and the possibility to add house specialties by yourself, you are one “click” away from modernizing your business in a unique way.
  • With Dr Drink’s Digital Cocktail Dispenser taking care of cocktail preparation, staff can interact more with customers.

Vacation, day off, birthday…the bartender can’t be there all the time, but with the help of Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine that includes 100 preset recipes and the ability to customize and create unique cocktails anyone can serve the same quality!