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Dr. Drink

How it works?

With only one touch ...

Forget about heavy and inexplicably large devices, manual software that is often complicated, even non-functional and concentrated capsules or premixes in which you don’t know how many E’s you can find, now you can use your own ingredients. 

Bartending has never been easier, and creating the perfect Cocktail has never been simpler, you are just a “touch” away from preparing your favorite drinks or modernizing your business in a unique way. 

Whether you work in the field, being a specialist and know well the mixes for each drink, or whether you are (just) an aficionado of them, but have no idea how to prepare them, Dr. Drink’s Cocktail Machine make work easier. 

 About the size of an espresso machine, through an easy-to-understand menu, this digital cocktail dispenser helps you prepare more than 100 recipes already preset in the system, or you can add your house specialties yourself.  

A bartender needs rest, the cocktail machine works for you 24/7 mixing the same taste but also solve the problem of the lack of qualified staff and the days off that any employee is entitled to. 

Imagine that you can mix cocktails with the speed of taking out a coffee or a draft beer. This is possible. The device works with alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juice - without premixes or concentrates. It does not require connection to the water supply or drain, practically it can work wherever you have a 220v. The time to prepare employees for its use is 5 minutes. Solve the problem of lack of staff by having each waiter mix a perfectly cocktail at any time. The ingredients have separate paths for each one and they never intersect, except in the shaker. Which guarantees the quality of the cocktails always the same. It guarantees the constant production cost for each cocktail 1-1,5 euros.

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Why buy a digital cocktail machine?


No matter who uses the cockatil machine, the cocktails will always be perfect


150 preset recipes and the possibility to save any custom recipe you want


Much shorter serving time (10 sec/cocktail), more drinks sold, more profit


Thanks to unic design, it make wonders at events with over 300 guests, its payback being done in 5-6 parties