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How to throw a memorable birthday party with Dr Drink's Professional Cocktail Dispenser

The birthday party is one of great significance, therefore it must be carefully prepared down to the smallest detail not to go unnoticed and must turn into a lavish event. The 18th birthday party fully deserves the care and attention of parents, to be organized to the liking of the celebrant and to be unforgettable.

And you don’t even need a team of professionals to throw the party right, just try Dr Drink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser which can be bought or rented or you can even win it for your party by taking part in the giveaway organized by Dr Drink.

If your birthday is on the way and you want to welcome the beautiful age of 18 with cocktails with a unique taste that will remain in your memory and your friends memory for a long time or you want to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones with the best cocktails then there is no better time for you to participate to the giveaway organized by Dr Drink for the Digital Cocktail Machine that will help you get truly unique cocktails.

What do you have to do to have Dr Drink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser on your ANNIVERSARY?

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🔹Duration: 14th of April 14 – 1st of June at 20:00

🔹The winner must be at least 18 years old!

🔹The contest will only take place if at least 100 participants are registered!

What you need to know is that the giveaway is running simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram, for more chances to win you can participate in both parts.

For those of you looking for a simple and easy way to mix the best cocktails at your party, a smart bartending option has been created – Dr Drink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser, an efficient and perfect Cocktail Dispenser to prepare all your favorite drinks in seconds.

All you have to do is log into the app that coordinates the whole ensemble, choose a recipe and follow the on-screen instructions as the Machine creates each cocktail to perfection. All that remains is to add garnishes such as lemon or mint leaves and ice.

Some details about the Dr Drink Professional Cocktail Dispenser:

  • 13 sleeves for connecting basic ingredients
  • Over 100 predefined recipes that include 7-8 alcoholic beverages and 5-6 juices and syrups
  • Upgrade to positions 11, 12 and 13; containers of 5 or 10 liters of juice can be used
  • The preset ingredients can be replaced with any other drinks
  • Prepare any drink from the predefined cocktail list in just 3 seconds
  • Can also mix shots (any custom recipe) in 2 – 3 seconds 
  • Mixes the most complex cocktail in 5 – 10 seconds
  • Dr Drink is the sole importer in Romania and he handles the installation, warranty and maintenance of the Cocktail Machine.

To give you an idea of ​​the types of cocktails prepared by Dr Drink’s Digital Dispenser, here are just a few from the list of predefined cocktails: Golduloks, Punta Gorda, Matador, Caribban Cruise, La Bomba, Red Scorpion, Blue Hawaii, Green Apple, Arizona Fresh,  Hot Squirt, Golden daze, Orange Blosoom, Gin Daisy, Stanley, Bacardi Cocktail, Rum Sour, Red Scorpion, Planters, Havana, Manhatan, Tumbuckle, Rum Sunset, Zombie, Mai Tai, All-In, Shot Red Kamikaze, and many others, with many combinations derived from the following common ingredients: vodka, whiskey, tequilla, triple dry, white rum, gin, grenadine, blue curacao, mint, lime, pineapple, orange and apple juice green.

Where is it suitable?

Dr Drink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser is designed to work in continuous flow, fitting perfectly into any pub.

It fits perfectly for the super birthday party, for hobbies or for locations such as restaurants, nightclubs and pubs, cocktail bars, event rooms to quickly serve quality drinks.

So, here you have everything about the Dr Drink Professional Cocktail Dispenser, details, cocktail recipes and where to use it. With the Cocktail Dispenser your guests will appreciate the effort and attention to detail, and you will have a memorable party. So come on, subscribe to the giveaway and enjoy a successful birthday.