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Innovation in the Horeca Industry: The Professional Cocktail Dispenser from DrDrink transforms the way we serve cocktails

In such a competitive and dynamic industry as HORECA, innovation and efficiency are the keys to success. The purest expression of smart bartending in your venue is DrDrink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser, a device that promises to transform the way cocktails are served. 

What is DrDrink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser?

The Professional Cocktail Dispenser from DrDrink is a revolutionary device that allows quick and precise preparation of cocktails, regardless of their complexity. With over 100 pre-installed recipes, this dispenser is capable of creating a wide variety of cocktails, dispensing ingredients „by the milliliter”. With the size of a coffee maker, weighing only 18.5 kg can be placed in any fun location; from festivals and concerts, bars, terraces, to swimming pools or restaurants and event halls, even in the gazebo behind the house or in the family caravan the Professional Cocktail Maker is created especially for you.

Impeccable cocktails without compromise

DrDrink’s Automatic Cocktail Dispenser has been designed to ensure that anyone can prepare a perfect cocktail in seconds with milliliter precision. It is an invaluable aid to bartenders in high-traffic locations, bringing more efficiency and control and blending harmoniously into any environment.

Whether you are a cocktail expert, knowing the secrets of making every drink, or just a cocktail lover with no experience in making them, DrDrink’s Cocktail Dispenser makes your job a lot easier. Thanks to an intuitive menu, this machine allows you to prepare over 100 preset recipes, add your own unique creations or modify existing ones. You are one „click” away from preparing your favorite cocktails or revolutionizing your business.

And you don’t have to worry about installation, warranty or maintenance – all this is provided by DrDrink. Thus, you can focus on what really matters – offering the best cocktails.

How does it work?

DrDrink’s dispenser works with ingredients you already have in the restaurant. It includes recipes using common alcoholic beverages such as vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, gin, as well as various liqueurs and juices. Diversity in recipes comes from combining these drinks with different liqueurs and juices from liquid ingredients without pulp, without added nectars or purees. Basically, the device is able to create any cocktail, from the classic Mojito to the exotic Pina Colada or Blue Lagoon.

What are the benefits of using the DrDrink Professional Cocktail Dispenser?

One of the main advantages of the Professional Cocktail Dispenser is efficiency. It reduces cocktail preparation time, so customers no longer have to wait to enjoy their favorite drink. Also, thanks to the precision with which it doses the ingredients, it ensures a constant taste of the cocktails.

Additionally, the Professional Cocktail Dispenser can help streamline staffing costs. The staff training time for using this machine is only 5 minutes. In addition, no matter who operates the machine, the result is the same: a perfectly prepared cocktail.

Another major benefit is that the machine works with spirits, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juices that can be bought from any store – without premixes or concentrates and does not require connection to the water mains or sewer, being able to work wherever you have a socket 220v.

The DrDrink Professional Cocktail Dispenser is not just a cocktail maker, but a true innovation in the HORECA industry. By streamlining the cocktail-making process and ensuring consistent taste, it can transform the way drinks are served and improve the customer experience. For more information visit us at