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Perfect Cocktails with a Simple Touch: Discover the Professional Cocktail Dispenser from Dr.Drink

In a world where speed and efficiency are just as important as taste and quality, the Professional Cocktail Dispenser from Dr.Drink redefines the art of cocktail preparation. This device is not just a simple gadget, but a fusion of art, technology, and efficiency, offering a solution to the challenges encountered in cocktail preparation. From variations in taste to preparation time and the need for expertise, the Professional Dispenser answers all these challenges with a single touch.


This article invites you to discover the Professional Cocktail Dispenser from Dr.Drink, an innovation that radically transforms the way cocktails are prepared. Developed for the HORECA market, it is a solution that optimizes operational costs and increases turnover in the bar/restaurant area and beyond.

Design and Features

The device stands out with its elegant and compact design, being comparable in size to a coffee espresso machine. It is built from high-quality materials, offering a modern look. Weighing just 18.5 kg, it is surprisingly easy to install in any location, from bars and restaurants to private events or even at home.

  • 7-inch tablet: The heart of this device is a 7-inch tablet, featuring a generous screen that facilitates intuitive operation and clear display of recipes and options.
  • Secured access: The dispenser comes with an advanced access system via fingerprint or card.
  • Safety button: To prevent any accidental or unauthorized use, the device is equipped with a safety button, providing additional control.
  • Connection for 5 liter juice: Flexibility is key, and the dispenser allows for easy connection of 5-liter juice containers when a large number of cocktails are being prepared.
  • Drink connector: The device includes a special connector for drinks, facilitating the addition of various ingredients needed for cocktail preparation.
  • Software update: Keeping the device up to date is simple, with the ability to update software and add new recipes.
  • Separate paths for each ingredient: To ensure the perfect taste, ingredients are mixed only at the end, in the shaker.
  • USB stick for software and recipes: Updates and customization of cocktails are easily achieved with the help of a dedicated USB stick for software and recipes.
  • Certifications and product warranty: The device comes with all the necessary certifications for use in the EU, and Dr.Drink takes care of the warranty and maintenance.

Using and Setting the Device

The interface is extremely user-friendly, with a touchscreen that facilitates navigation and selection of recipes. Users can customize existing recipes or add new creations. In addition, the device is easy to maintain and clean, ensuring optimal and long-lasting operation.

The dispenser offers an impressive variety of over 100 preset recipes, allowing users to experiment with a wide range of cocktails, from classic to tropical and non-alcoholic. Each cocktail is prepared with millimeter precision, ensuring a consistent taste every time. This significantly reduces the time to prepare drinks, a major advantage in busy locations.

  • Intuitive menu: Equipped with an intuitive menu on the 7-inch touchscreen, the device allows users to easily navigate through options and settings.
  • Fingerprint access: Security and personalization are ensured by the fingerprint access system, which allows only authorized users to operate the device.
  • Setting ingredients: Users can easily set the types and quantities of ingredients used, ensuring that each cocktail is prepared with the desired precision.
  • Setting bottle positions: The device allows for the adjustment of bottle positions to ensure accurate and efficient dispensing of ingredients.
  • Adding or modifying recipes: Flexibility is a strong point, with users having the ability to add or modify existing recipes, thus customizing the cocktail offering.
  • Sales verification: The dispenser includes advanced functions for monitoring and analyzing sales, providing a clear picture of customer preferences and location performance.
  • Main cocktail menu: The main menu offers quick access to a wide range of cocktails, from classics to the most modern creations, all at the user’s fingertips.

Installing the Bottles

Installing the bottles on the device is a simple and intuitive process. Users can connect up to 13 different ingredients, with the device designed to be as accessible and easy to use as possible.

In conclusion, the Professional Cocktail Dispenser from Dr.Drink is more than just a simple device – it is a symbol of innovation and efficiency in cocktail sales. With its advanced functionalities, ease of use, and ability to customize each cocktail, this dispenser proves to be an irreplaceable ally for any professional bartender or passionate amateur.