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Simple and Extraordinary: Cocktails for memorable weddings

The wedding, that magical moment when two hearts unite to write a new story together, is one of the most important and memorable days in a couple’s life. It is the day when every detail counts, every moment is precious, and every aspect of the ceremony contributes to creating an unforgettable atmosphere. In this picture of love and celebration, the cocktail bar plays an essential role, becoming more than just a simple drink-serving spot. It is a space where each cocktail tells a story and adds a touch of color and flavor to the event. A well-thought-out and executed cocktail bar not only enriches the guests’ experience but becomes a central point of entertainment, a place where tastes, aromas, and emotions meet, thus contributing to the creation of memories that will last long after the last dance has ended.

Why opt for a Cocktail Bar at your event?

Economy and efficiency:

Contrary to expectations, a cocktail bar service does not add significant additional costs. Experts explain that the presence of a cocktail bar can actually reduce the overall drink costs at a wedding. This is because young people and ladies tend to prefer lighter drinks, such as cocktails, over more expensive spirits. Thus, the savings made from reduced consumption of spirits can offset the cost of the cocktail bar service.


A key aspect of the cocktail bar is the diversity it offers. There are options for everyone – from non-alcoholic cocktails, perfect for drivers and children, to classic drinks and extravagant recipes. This variety ensures that no one feels excluded, with each person having the option to choose a drink to their taste.

Cocktail bars at weddings:

In recent years, the popularity of cocktail bar services has increased significantly. People have begun to appreciate the social aspect of the wedding, as opposed to excessive alcohol consumption. A well-organized cocktail bar, with a variety of delicious and diverse cocktails, is a recipe for success at any wedding.

Purchasing alcohol:

There are two main options for supplying alcohol: either the service is all-inclusive, or the bride and groom take care of purchasing the drinks, based on the bartender’s recommendations. This allows the couple to choose the drinks according to their budget and preferences, thus optimizing costs and ensuring the quality of the service.

Cost of the cocktail bar service:

The cost of a cocktail bar at a wedding varies depending on the number of guests and the services included. If the bride and groom choose to supply their own drinks, they will pay a fee for the bartenders’ service, which also includes costs for glassware and consumables. This fee is calculated per guest and varies depending on the complexity and size of the event.

Dr. Drink Professional Cocktail Dispenser

Imagine a cocktail bar where each drink is prepared with precision, speed, and effortlessly. This dream becomes a reality with Dr. Drink Professional Cocktail Dispenser. This revolutionary machine allows for the preparation of cocktails as easily as making a coffee or serving a draft beer.

With a mixing time of just 5-10 seconds, the dispenser offers a quick and efficient experience. Over 150 recipes created by the mixology specialist, Dr. Drink, are pre-installed and accessible via a simple USB stick. The machine maintains the authenticity of local recipes, offering a personalized experience and adding a unique touch to each event. Flexibility is key – the machines operate anywhere, without the need for a water or sewage connection. Each use ensures the same consistency in every cocktail, whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, from preset to customized recipes.

As the big day approaches, every couple wants their wedding to be not just an event, but an unforgettable memory for them and all their guests. A key element in creating this magical atmosphere is undoubtedly the cocktail bar. And what better way to ensure its success than by using Dr. Drink Professional Cocktail Dispenser?

This dispenser is not just a simple machine, but a true artist of mixology, capable of transforming any drink into a work of art. With its advanced technology, diverse recipes, and efficiency in preparation, Dr. Drink Dispenser brings a touch of magic to every glass, ensuring that each cocktail is not only delicious but perfectly prepared.

We invite you to discover how Cocktail Machines can transform your event into a unique and memorable experience at the Ghid Mariaj Wedding Fair at the Agora Events Center in Iași, between February 2nd and 4th. You will have the opportunity to see how it works and how you can integrate it into your big day. You can rent it with or without an operator, with or without drinks.

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