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About the Cocktail Machines

Imagine creating cocktails with the same dexterity as pouring your own coffee or serving a beer on draft. Well, that vision is now reality. Our cocktail mixer works with spirits, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juices - without any premixes or concentrates. There's no need to connect to mains water or sewage; practically anywhere there's a 220V socket. Staff training time is reduced to just 15 minutes.

The solution to challenging employees is to give them the opportunity to create perfectly identical cocktails. With separate trails for each ingredient, they meet only in the shaker, ensuring the absolute consistency of the cocktails. A significant advantage is that the production cost of each cocktail remains constant.

Cocktails always precisely dosed, without error, provided by the professional cocktail machines, from Dr. Drink. They delight you with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including classic recipes such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise, Zombie, Hurricane, Campari Orange, Rum Sunset, while still maintaining the authenticity of custom recipes at your location.

With a mixing time of just 5-10 seconds, the experience is fast and efficient. Discover over 150 recipes created by our mixology specialist, Dr. Drink, pre-installed in two databases, accessible at any time on a simple USB stick.

Innovation in Mixology:

Dr. Drink redefines the cocktail serving experience, ensuring precise and consistent dosing for every drink, bringing innovation to the world of mixology.

Extended Range of Delights:

An exciting variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with classic and custom recipes, satisfying the most refined customer tastes.

Amazing efficiency:

With a mixing time of just 5-10 seconds, Dr. Drink brings speed and efficiency to cocktail making, optimising workflow for staff.

Authentic Personalisation:

Keeping the authenticity of local recipes, the cocktail machines from Dr. Drink offer a personalised experience, adding a unique touch to every event or venue.

Simplicity in Use:

Without much effort, staff adapt quickly, learning time for the new user being only 15 minutes, guaranteeing quick adaptation anywhere without problems.

Over 150 Recipes:

Crafted by our mixology specialist Dr. Drink, saved in two databases that can be easily changed at any time with a USB stick.

Versatile Mixing:

Varied preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, from classic to customised recipes for every preference.

Millilitre dosing of ingredients:

Each use ensures the same consistency in every cocktail.

Accurate and Consistent Dosage:

We guarantee identical dosing of ingredients with each use, ensuring the perfect consistency in every cocktail.

Conectivitate WiFi Avansată:

Acces la o varietate de opțiuni muzicale prin conectarea la rețeaua WiFi.

Independent Operation:

Unlimited flexibility - the Cocktail Machines work anywhere, without the need to have a water or sewer connection.

Entertainment Integrated:

The integrated speaker adds atmosphere with playback of songs from various sources, transforming any room into a lively environment.

It's all as simple as clicking.

How does this machine work?

Forget cumbersome and inexplicably large machines (37x43x54 cm), often complicated, even non-functional manual software and concentrated capsules or premixes where you don't know how many E's you can find, now you can use your own ingredients. Bartending has never been easier, creating the perfect Cocktail has never been simpler and you're just a touch away from making your favourite drinks or upgrading your business in a unique way. Whether you work in the industry as a specialist and know the mixes for each drink well, or you're (just) a drink aficionado but have no idea how to make them, Dr. Drink's automatic cocktail machines make your job easier. The size of a juicer, via an easy-to-understand menu, these digital cocktail dispensers help you prepare over 100 recipes already preset in the system or you can add your own house specials. A bartender needs rest, the cocktail dispenser works for you 24 hours a day mixing the same taste, solving the problem of lack of qualified staff or days off that any employee is entitled to.

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