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The Cocktail Dispenser in your home?

Nothing is as good as a perfect cocktail when throwing a party. But measuring and preparing all the ingredients can be a chore, especially if you’re hosting a lot of friends. Here is where the DrDrink Cocktail Dispenser comes in. With the size of a coffee machine, easy to move and install anywhere, it only requires connection to the electrical network.

With this awesome Cocktail Machine from DrDrink, you can experience the quality ingredients and premium taste you’d expect from a cocktail prepared by a famous bartender, even in your own home – all with just a touch of the screen!

Fill the machine with your favorite drinks: Vodka, Tequila, Whisky, Gin, Triplesec, Liquors or Rum, etc., as well as juices (Orange, Pineapple, Lime) or syrups (Grenadine, Curacao) and create your dream cocktail yourself or experiment from the variety of cocktails already tried by DrDrink.

Now you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a great cocktail.


Maximum efficiency with the Cocktail Dispenser from Dr Drink

It is important for owners of restaurants that sell cocktails to quickly serve quality drinks. Cocktails have high margins, but a lot is lost in preparation time and waste of raw materials.

The Cocktail Dispenser is fast and efficient. More profit with this cocktail machine. It is a practical solution for anyone who has a cocktail menu or is interested in selling cocktails. Imagine making cocktails as fast as you sell a beer! While the bartender decorates a glass, the cocktail machine mixes for the next customer directly in the shaker.


In addition to time, the waste of ingredients is an important factor for optimal profitability in the sale of cocktails.

Waste is known to anyone who prepares cocktails, waste that can be eliminated with the Cocktail Machine. That means more efficiency, less waste and more profit for your company.

Easy to use

DrDrink’s cocktail Dispenser allows you to make your favorite cocktail with a single touch. No one would like to go through a long and frustrating process to enjoy their favorite  drinks.

Diverse range of cocktails

The cocktail machine includes simple, easy-to-understand and precise settings that allow the user to mix drinks dosed to the milliliter.

Consistency in quality and taste

The cocktail machine allows you to make a drink with a fresh, unique taste. The quality and flavor are always the same with every use.