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The Decalogue of the Professional Cocktail Dispenser from DrDrink

Dear gentlemen/ladies of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and of course party and cocktail lovers,

Introducing the DrDrink Digital Cocktail Dispenser! Yes, yes, you heard that right. It’s like an alien bartender sent from a planet where cocktails flow like water.

DrDrink presents you the 10 “commandments” of the wonderful Cocktail Machine that can make more cocktails than a bartender on a sunny day with a clear sky:

DrDrink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser, with a futuristic and easy-to-use design, comes with a simple promise: to prepare high-quality cocktails as well as a master mixologist, but with the efficiency and consistency of a NASA robot. Each cocktail is identical to the previous one, thus ensuring a consistent experience for customers, regardless of the day or time.

Therefore, DrDrink’s Digital Cocktail Dispenser is not just a futuristic gadget; it is a reliable partner for your business, able to cope with the busiest evening in your location and offer your customers an unforgettable experience. It’s time to turn your bar into a memorable place where cocktails are always perfect and served quickly, without delay.

So if you’ve ever had dreams of a bartender who can make cocktails as well as a NASA robot, but who also has the ability of a magician turning simple drinks into divine creations? Well, no more dreams. The time has come to turn it into reality. Yes, it’s like we brought the future to you on location.

You can imagine, you are there in the hustle and bustle of Friday night. The music is on full blast, the customers are laughing and having fun. And suddenly, from the corner of the bar, shines the Digital Cocktail Dispenser, preparing perfect cocktails, quickly and effortlessly.

People will remember your place as that place where the cocktails are always perfect, where they always know what to expect. Where there is no such thing as a “bad” day for the bartender, because your bartender doesn’t have bad days.

And you know what’s the best? You don’t need a degree in quantum physics or space travel to operate it. In just 5 minutes, anyone can become a Dispenser master.

If you want more details, you can find them at

So, are you ready to ensure your place in cocktail history with DrDrink’s Digital Cocktail Dispenser? Contact us and let’s collaborate!