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The Digital Cocktail Machine for the maximum performance of your location

One touch and unlimited possibilities to prepare cocktails with the „speed of light”. The focus of Dr Drink’s Professional Cocktail Machine: for anyone to be able to mix a perfect cocktail in seconds and with efficiency.

With this smart „cocktail machine” in your location, you can make unlimited cocktails using the preset recipes or adding new ones. And when your location is busy, you can count on its speed, accuracy and efficiency! Cheers!

Our long-term investments – in our partners, our locations, bartending innovation and digitalisation – collectively deliver an exceptional experience for our customers. Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine is a revolutionary digital cocktail making system. An extremely flexible, intuitive solution that makes the most of the bartender’s professional skills and greatly reduces cocktail preparation time. Maximum creative freedom with endless combinations for personalized drinks, from classic drinks to tropical and non-alcoholic cocktails.


Once installed and connected to the ingredients – with the ability to use up to 13 different ingredients: spirits, juices and syrups without premixes or purees and to store all cocktail recipes in the cocktail machine which can then be adjusted as needed The Dr Drink’s Digital Cocktail Machine is always ready to use. With just a touch of the screen you can select the drink from more than 100 pre-set recipes in the system or you can add your house specialties yourself.

Dr Drink’s Professional Cocktail Machine can dose each ingredient in milliliters, guaranteeing a perfect professional cocktail with beautifully balanced flavors in just a few seconds.


Intuitive and easy operation via a touchscreen. It’s basically an application that coordinates the whole assembly.


Simple as Hello!

You choose a cocktail, place a glass, wait a moment… your cocktail is ready!


With a single click, you can get excellent cocktails. The Professional Cocktail Machine is so easy to use that anyone can do it; in fact, you don’t need additional training or staff.


The Digital Machine is optimized to always provide a fresh and unique taste. In fact, the quality is always the same with every use.


Each drink is prepared by dosing the ingredients to the milliliter, which means zero waste and no excess. This means savings of up to 20% on the cost of ingredients.


Dr Drink’s Cocktail Machine offers more variety for the customer and room for creativity for the bar staff, thanks to a varied recipe list with over 100 cocktails for all tastes and the possibility to add the house specialties yourself.


From the number of cocktails dispensed in a day, control over customers’ favorite drinks, to analyzing the numbers and sales: knowing exactly what’s going on has never been easier.


Solve the staffing problem by making every employee „cocktail-savy” from now on. Always fresh and of the best quality, prepared in seconds without any special training.

Suitable for owners of restaurants, nightclubs and pubs, event halls to quickly serve quality drinks but also for those who want to throw the coolest party at home DrDrink’s cocktail machine is a practical solution for anyone who has a cocktail menu or is interested in selling cocktails. Find out more details about the Cocktail Machine on our website 

Imagine making the best cocktails as fast as you sell a beer.