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Tips & Tricks on how to organize the best party and memorable nights

It’s the holiday season and you’re planning to throw the coolest party and create memorable nights for you and your friends?

Cocktails can be the centerpiece of your party this holiday season and can also be a fun and exciting way to impress your friends. But let’s face it – nothing is worse than throwing an event and not having the right drinks. So how do you make sure your party is a successful one?

With the Cocktail Machine from DrDrink, an intelligent solution for bartending designed so that anyone can mix a perfect cocktail in seconds, perfect shots with the „speed of light”, having an easy-to-understand menu, with which you can prepare over 100 recipes already preset in the system or you can add your house specialties, integrating perfectly with the party you want to organize.

In this article we have collected some tips from experts on how to organize a unique party, so let’s see how to make your next party memorable!

Why is it important to serve perfect cocktails?


But why is it important to make the best cocktail? Not only does it show off your hosting skills, but it also sets the tone for a fun and memorable night. As guests arrive they will appreciate the extra effort and attention to detail and will surely thank you with an empty glass.

  1. Set up a bar to serve cocktails

Want to add a unique touch to your party? Improvise a cocktail garnish bar with a variety of fresh fruits, herbs and other ingredients for guests to customize their delicious drinks. Not only will it add fun and excitement to the event, but it will also allow for customization – allowing each guest to create their own drink. Plus, it looks visually stunning.

But you don’t have to stick to just fresh fruit – get creative with your topping options. Consider adding spices, syrups, edible glitter and even flowers for even more customization possibilities. Don’t forget your ice cubes either. Having different shapes of ice cubes will please your guests.

  1. Upgrade your bar items

Update your barware for a unique look and feel at your cocktail party. Choose modern glassware, elegant shakers to add sophistication to the event. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and take Instagram-worthy photos.

Don’t have enough barware for all the guests? Get creative with reusable options – mason jars or even stylish glasses. And don’t forget napkins and straws – choose metallic or glittery options for a touch of glamour.

  1. Choose the right food combinations for cocktails

Make sure you prepare the food ahead of time. Offer dishes that complement and enhance the cocktail – for example, light dishes with a refreshing gin and tonic. Serving appetizers will add variety to the evening, help balance the alcohol, and make the experience unique.

And when in doubt, stick to the classic pairings—salami and cheese with red wine, or shrimp platter for a vodka martini. Your guests will appreciate the attention and have an amazing experience at your party.

  1. Choose the right music for the cocktail party atmosphere

Don’t underestimate the power of music – it can enhance the atmosphere and enhance the overall party experience. Choose a playlist that matches the mood and flavors of the cocktails – think relaxing tunes for fruity refreshments or jazz music for classic cocktails.

  1. Choose the Cocktail Machine from DrDrink

For a memorable party, choose the Cocktail Machine from DrDrink, with its help, through an easy-to-understand menu, you can prepare more than 100 recipes already preset in the system or you can add your house specialties yourself. You are one click away from preparing your favorite drinks and throwing the coolest party this Holiday season.

With a small size (36 cm wide and 42 cm deep), similar to that of a coffee machine, it sits perfectly on any table x 535. The machine is made of a stainless steel casing, sleeves and silicone pipes food grade, thus being very easy to clean and sanitize. It is equipped in the upper part, where the drink bottles needed to prepare the mixes are placed, with a white LED intended to attract the attention of any guest.

Impress your guests with this high-tech Automatic Cocktail Machine and take your cocktail party to the next level. Cheers!