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Your perfect event with the Professional Cocktail Dispenser from DrDrink

Your wedding is a special day, and every detail counts. From the music to the food, from the decorations to the drinks – everything has to be perfect. And when it comes to drinks, our cocktail machine can make the difference and your event has to be memorable, right? Well, let’s talk about an absolute surprise item: The DrDrink Professional Cocktail Dispenser! Now, we know that this might sound like a cocktail superhero — and honestly, it’s not far from the truth.

From Mojito to Cosmopolitan, our Professional Cocktail Dispenser is not only a master of mixes, but also a true artist of taste. He knows more than 100 recipes and doesn’t stop there – he allows you to add your own cocktail and shot recipes, and surprise your guests with something truly unique.

You know what’s the greatest? You don’t even need a water connection, it works anywhere there is a 220v socket. So whether your wedding is in a medieval castle or on an exotic beach, the DrDrink Cocktail Dispenser will be there, ready to delight your guests. And let’s not forget, with DrDrink, each ingredient has its own path, meeting only in the shaker to create a perfect cocktail. Goodbye, unpleasant tastes or diluted drinks!

So if you want your wedding to be the star of your city, choose DrDrink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser. With it at the bar, your guests will have an extra reason to raise a glass in your honor!

Why DrDrink’s Professional Cocktail Dispenser?

  • Available for rent or purchase, this cocktail machine offers an impressive variety of drinks – over 100 recipes are pre-set in the system, ensuring that every cocktail is perfectly mixed every time.
  • Do you need something sweet, fresh, aromatic? The Professional Cocktail Dispenser from DrDrink has it all. In addition, you can add custom cocktail and shot recipes to satisfy all the tastes of your guests.
  • One of the major advantages of the machine is that it works with alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juices – without premixes or concentrates. This ensures that every cocktail will taste authentic and enjoyable.
  • You do not need a connection to the water network or sewer. The device works anywhere there is a 220v socket, making it perfect for any wedding venue. In addition, it has separate paths for each ingredient, which only intersect in the shaker. This is a particularly important detail that guarantees the quality of each cocktail.
  • And if you’re looking for a unique drink for the big event, don’t forget you can add house specialties to the system. Thus, your guests will enjoy a unique cocktail that will reflect the personality of the couple.

And to make the big event completely unique, DrDrink comes up with some tips to make your party memorable!

  • DrDrink on stage! – Put the DrDrink Cocktail Dispenser in a place of honor, visible. Nothing attracts people faster than a bar full of delicious drinks ready to be enjoyed
  • Give a cocktail with personality! – Don’t forget the recipe customization feature. Imagine a unique cocktail that reflects the spirit of your event. „The Bride’s Passion”, „The Funny Groom” or „The Bride’s Veil”, whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a hit!
  • Your eyes are drawn to what shines! – Don’t limit yourself to serving cocktails. Turn the DrDrink Cocktail Dispenser into a centerpiece with some festive decorations. A little glitter, a few colorful balloons – put on a show!
  • Cocktail Games! – Fun is guaranteed with a „guess the cocktail” contest. Your guests will be delighted to discover how well they know tastes!
  • Share memories! – Create a photo zone near the DrDrink Dispenser. People will be excited to share moments from the event and show the world their perfect cocktails.
  • Make sure your DrDrink is in top form! – Make sure the DrDrink Cocktail Dispenser is always loaded with the best drinks. Nothing ruins the party faster than a Mojito without rum!

With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to throwing the event of the year. And with the DrDrink Cocktail Dispenser at the bar, fun is guaranteed.